So, a couple of weeks ago this video of Zach Bogosian and Jacob Trouba wrestling on a chair very briefly appeared on Bogo’s instagram (it was right after this picture). He took it down pretty quickly, but the wonderful and crafty Badger snagged it just in time so we could selfishly spend hours watching it on a loop and over-analyzing hand positions.

In light of their recent public declarations of wrestling, we figured it was time to share.



“You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you’ll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, no … anything. There’s no chance at all of recovery. You’ll just — exist. As an empty shell. And your soul is gone forever … lost.” 

luke newberry as remus lupin
suraj sharma
as james potter
sophie turner as lily evans-potter
jeremy allen white as peter pettigrew
luke pasqualino as sirius black

#i think about this a lot #remus lost everything all at once #james and lily and peter are all dead #and it’s his best mate’s fault #he doesn’t get to ask questions because sirius is in azkaban just right as soon as they track him down #baby harry who he was just working up the courage to hold is swept away and he doesn’t get to even know where #he’s left with two empty hands #an empty heart #and not a single reminder of brighter days#if it had just been one thing #or another #but no it was all of them #they’re all gone #i think about this part of remus lupin’s life a lot (via duskborn)