There are a lot of things we don’t know about young Swedish defenseman Jonas Brodin.

"Secretly, he’s pretty fun," said Charlie Coyle.

"He’s one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met," said Jason Zucker.

"And he’s a pretty good cook," Coyle added. "Mostly pasta and cereal."

Well, it’s tough to get cereal just right. How much milk is too much milk?

"He’s awesome," said Zucker. "He gets in on all our jokes and makes sure he’s having a good time with us. We chirp at him, and he chirps at us."

Brodin lives on the same floor in the same apartment building as Coyle and Zucker. When Mikael Granlund gets called up, he makes it a foursome. They look after each other, a gaggle of rookies in the big time. Coyle does the driving. Brodin attempts to cook every so often.
“Because he is a bad cook,” Brodin said of Coyle. “We live in the same apartment house here in St. Paul, and we hang out and go for dinner and stuff.”

"It’s just nice to have guys around your own age here," said Coyle. "Obviously, we stick together. We pretty much live together. It’s nice to have guys the same age, so we can hang out."

They have their own little support group. Coyle has had a good rookie season, playing on the top line. Zucker has shown flashes and was conspicuous in the first playoff game. But it’s Brodin who has turned everyone’s head. He is exceptionally smooth in his own zone. He may be the most poised 19-year-old on the planet.

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